Meet Beautiful Women – Do You Know Where to Meet Beautiful Women And How To Handle It?

Some beautiful women make their living from it as models or promotions girls and obviously you’ll see them at fashion shows, on the grid at car races, on the stands at shows and exhibitions that kind of thing. However there are beautiful business women, secretaries, doctors, nurses the list is endless. If you decide to try and meet beautiful women at events like car shows and races you’re going to find they’ve heard it all before and there’s no shortage of rich attractive guys who are also flirting with them, not least the managers who employed them for the job! I know, I’ve been there.

Now I’m a writer I get far fewer men flirting with me just because I’m not out every day at a show wearing something short, tight and clingy. Which is fine, it had become quite an art turning guys down without upsetting them, whilst working on a motor show stand from dawn till dusk. So, that’s what you’re up against in that environment. Not only that, but because we met so many guys most of us normally had a boyfriend in the background.

What you need is to meet unattached beautiful women or at least those not in any serious relationship. There are several ways to meet beautiful women but the only way to be confident they’re single and looking is to use internet dating sites I’m afraid. The good news is there are hundreds of really beautiful women there who are single and are interested, it’s not actually any easier for a beautiful woman to find Mr Right than for someone who’s a little more the girl next door type shall we say. When a girl is constantly being chatted up it’s hard to know who’s genuine and who isn’t. Playboys can be fun, but they’re not for keeps.

Having said the only way to meet unattached beautiful women is via the internet there are ways to meet them where at least they won’t be working and where you might get to talk to them with less competition. It’s a question of attending the kind of events they will attend but where they won’t be working. You’ll meet beautiful women at top nightclubs, top restaurants, fashion shows in the audience, art gallery events and launches, exclusive parties if you can get an invitation, polo, Ascot, ski and beach resorts. The list is long, but if you want to meet really exceptionally beautiful women they do tend to be seen in expensive places and places where being seen could help their modelling, acting or indeed marriage prospects!

You’ll decide on your strategy for meeting beautiful women based on your contacts, financial situation and so on, if you have little money and no ‘ins’ to exclusive events the internet is quite sufficient, so now how do you handle it. She’s used to hearing how beautiful she is and although we all like to hear it, the who, the where and especially the when are important. We want to hear it from someone we want to hear it from, not just anyone, so you’ve got to become that person, first!

Other guys will meet beautiful women and immediately put them on a pedestal. From day one they will try to impress her with their flash car, maybe give her expensive presents before they even know her, and some girls are just happy to take the gifts, but most see it as false. If you want to stand out just treat her like a regular girl next door – she’s not used to that, you’ll be interestingly different. Be polite and respectful, but dare to pull her leg, make a small joke at her expense not unkind, just be cheeky, happy-go-lucky and never appear too keen. If you’re fun to be around and not pushy like all the others she will see more and more of you and one day you’ll wake up to find, you’re in the same bed!

If you meet beautiful women will you know how to get them into bed? Do you want me to reveal what to say, how to act and where to touch to make women jump into bed with you in a flash. Want the secrets? []

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Wave for New Fashion Designers

Revolutionary clothing store Roof on Fire is set to change the way upcoming and existing independent designers do business.
Opening on Oxford Street, Paddington (Sydney, Australia) later this year, Roof on Fire represents independent designers and entrepreneurs from Australia and around the world, giving them affordable retail space at low cost and low risk.

The store offers designers retail spaces (known as boxes) to display their creations in exchange for a monthly fee and a 10% sales charge on each item sold. Designers receive 90% of the funds from each sale while getting extensive exposure in a progressive store in a prime Sydney location. Box occupants are also exposed to opportunities that may arise including publicity, brand awareness and further offers to stock in other retail stores.

As each designer makes a quarterly commitment to the store, the range will be ever changing, from the most daring and progressive creations that other store buyers may not have taken the risk on to designs that lead new season trends. ‘The store will
house pieces from both previously unseen designers and existing labels, providing an opportunity for bigger labels to break away from norms, experiment with new directions and test the market’ said Omar Varts, co-founder of Roof on Fire.

Roof on Fire is offering designers more than just retail space. Box occupants will have access to a personalised, secure on-line database displaying generated sales and stock levels. It analyses the demand for their product and identifies what has been selling well, when to restock and calculates monthly profits. Designers are also notified via email when their product is sold.

Roof on Fire’s layout is modelled on a minimalist style of interior design. Inspired by contemporary galleries including Saatchi Gallery London and MoMA New York, it provides the designer with a classy and clean retail canvas, which will enhance designer’s individual pieces.

Located on Oxford Street, Paddington, Roof on Fire offers designers an avenue to showcase their previously ‘hard to find’ collections on the most frequented fashion strip in Australia. Bringing unique and innovative designs to the public, the store will stock men’s and women’s clothing, accessories and footwear.

Interested designers visit [] for more information.

Media Contact:

Omar Varts

Roof on Fire Co-founder

Mob: +6104 236 233

Email: [email protected]

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Learn These Facts To Impress Russian Women

James Bond did it and now you too could be dating Russian women. The planet is interconnected through the webs of social networks and multilingual meeting platforms. You can also encounter Anna Kournikova’s female compatriots in your daily life as in our time people migrate internationally more than ever. Beautiful and fashionable, these lovely ladies attract looks wherever they go.

So, how do you make a great impression on a Russian woman? Is there anything specific you need to know? Discover simple tips for dating Russian girls and you may score some extra points with your favorite.

10 tips to impress Russian women

1. Appearances matter. All girls pay attention to the way you look but Russian females are even more particular about a man’s exterior. Fashion and beauty are the two drivers, which girls from Russia cannot escape due to their cultural heritage. How tidy, clean, and trendy you present yourself is more important than your actual physical attributes. Of course, being good looking doesn’t hurt but it’s not compulsory. Neatness and style, on the other hand, are essential to score a date. If you are dating online, you need a photo where you are nicely dressed (formal or smart casual style), with a neat hairstyle and friendly smile. If you met somewhere through daily activities, dress up. Ask a stylish female friend for help, if necessary.

2. Compliment her. Again, not only Russian women enjoy compliments but these ladies crave a kind praise. Some pickup gurus advise negative remarks as the means to attract attention of a beautiful female; it certainly won’t work with women from Russia. Positive and personal comments bring you success.

3. Bring flowers. In the modern Russia, a guy who doesn’t bring flowers on the first date may find himself rejected on the spot. Some dating advisers tell girls to dump the guy instantly if he failed to bring a bouquet of roses or tulips (roses are considered the most romantic flower). It may sound hilarious but it’s true. Even if your girl has been living overseas for some time, she still will appreciate the gesture. The number of flowers in the bunch has to be odd (1, 3, 5, 7, etc). Even numbers are used for funerals.

4. Be assertive. You may ask her opinion but not suggestions. For example, you could ask if she had any food allergies or whether she liked French cuisine before booking a restaurant. But don’t ask the lady where she would like to go. A luxury restaurant with the seat down service and live music is always a safe bet, the more classical the better. Russian women believe in a man being the leader in a relationship, and she should be able to simply relax and allow him to make things happen.

5. Learn about Russia. The majority of western people’s knowledge is limited by common myths. For example, you may not be aware about Russia being geographically the largest country in the world and the first state to send a man into the outer space. If you know some details that the majority of general public is unaware of, you certainly accumulate major points.

6. Show your arty side. Girls from Russia adore art galleries, museums, classical music, theatre, and ballet. Most guys are only interested in sport and cars. If you invite your lady to a theatre or opera, she will think you are incredible. Forget movie dates. If you take your girlfriend somewhere special such as a musical, a symphony concert, or a lunch with a famous writer, it will put you a few levels above mere mortals. Make sure you are dressed impeccably; she is going to be impressed.

7. Ask 3 times. Cultural norms of Russia dictate that a tempting offer has to be first dismissed, best rejected twice until a person is allowed to accept it. That’s why Russians sometimes can be seen as pests as they keep offering the same thing several times, even though you have already answered, “No”. It’s simply a cultural norm. If you only offer something once, your lady may be too shy to accept. A Russian joke holds that “a real man and a real woman will never get together, because she never agrees the first time, and he never offers the second time.” So, even if your lady said “no” but you think she may be just shy, don’t hesitate to offer again or at least ask if she is sure. Give another reason why you would like to make your proposal; it may be enough to change the woman’s mind, especially if she really would like to accept it.

8. Walk her home. According to the Russian dating etiquette, a gentleman is supposed to walk his lady all the way home to ensure she is safe. If you do not offer to see her off, she may think you are being inconsiderate or discourteous.

9. Kiss her hand. This works like this: you offer your hand palm up, she puts her hand on top, you lower your head and gently touch her skin with your lips. This is considered a chivalrous gesture in Russia, which is performed by gentlemen towards ladies they adore or respect. This gesture could be appropriate towards any female a guy wished to demonstrate his reverence to, for example, the mother of his girlfriend, a family member. A hand kiss would surely impress and excite a Russian woman without the likelihood of being rejected. This gesture is best used only once during a date. It can be used already on the first date, for example, when saying good bye.

10. Keep in touch. Russian girls prefer men to be overly insistent, as they believe that a man’s feelings should be much stronger than a woman’s. Don’t be discouraged by the woman’s seemingly passive attitude and lack of enthusiasm. True ladies are supposed to hide their feelings and pretend not to like the man at first, until he proves by his perseverance and relentless pursuit that he is serious about winning her heart. Give it a few dates and you are going to be handsomely rewarded by lots of warmth and affection.

Founder of a trusted dating site Elenas Models, Elena Petrova is a certified life coach and trainer of NLP with 17 years of experience in the industry of relationships. She was born in Russia and lives on the Gold Coast in Australia. Elena’s latest VIP dating coaching program is designed for men who seek a long-terms partnership and lasting love.

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Interesting Facts On Fashion’s Favourite Rebel Vivienne Westwood

Largely responsible for bringing modern punk and new wave into the mainstream, not only is Dame Vivienne Westwood a fashion designer, activist and businesswoman, but also most certainly a fashion mastermind.

Punk pioneer Vivienne Westwood is undoubtedly one of Britain’s most recognizable living icons and has left a clear mark in the fashion world, as well as in other areas. Her contributions to modern times are not only creative, but also political and cultural.

Get to know the fashion world’s favorite rebel with these interesting facts of her life and career.

1. She was born Vivienne Isabel Swire

She became Vivienne Westwood when she married Derek Westwood. The marriage only lasted 3 years.

2. Vivienne is a war baby.

She was born during World War II on April 8, 1941 to working class parents in Tintwistle, Derbyshire, England. She lived in a part of the country that had grown up in the Industrial Revolution. She didn’t know about art galleries, seen an art book, nor been to the theatre.

3. She almost gave up fashion and art

Vivienne started sewing clothes for herself at the age of 12 and studied fashion and silversmithing at the University of Westminster’s Harrow School of Art at age 17. But after only 1 term, she left to study at a teacher-training college and eventually became a primary school teacher. Reason why she left the university – she didn’t know how a working-class girl like herself could possibly make a living in the art world.

4. Fashion still calls for her.

Even as a teacher, Vivienne still was able to create her own jewellery, which she would sell at a stall on Portobello Road. She even made her own wedding dress for her wedding with Derek Westwood. After her split with Derek, she met art student and soon to be music business maverick Malcolm McLaren and he became her business partner and lover for 10 years.

5. Vivienne Westwood is the Godmother of Punk

Malcolm opened doors for her in the fashion and art world starting by dressing up the punk rock band that Malcolm managed, the Sex Pistols. The partners soon opened a boutique on King’s Road in Chelsea and called “Let It Rock”, later known as “Sex”, then as “Too Fast To Live Too Young To Die”, “Seditionaries” and lastly “Worlds Ends”. When it opened, the shop proved to be an important fashion and cultural centre for the punk movement, which began in the 70’s in the UK, then spread around the world, and is still very much alive today.

6. A Fashion Mastermind continues to evolve

After the punk era, Vivienne experimented with other themes in the early years of her career starting with her main women’s ready-to-wear line entitled “Pirate” that offered a romantic look which burst onto the fashion scene of the British capital and ensured the collection’s place in history. Her following collections took inspirations from diverse sources such as the film ‘Blade Runner’, the desert landscape, undergarments and Tokyo’s neon signs. She dubbed the period in her career from 1981 to 1985 as “New Romantic” and the one from 1988 to 1992 as “The Pagan Years”. During the latter period, Vivienne’s heroes changed from punks and ragamuffins to ‘Tatler’ girls wearing clothes that parodied the upper class.

7. She does the unexpected

Fast forward to present day… 2014 was a big year for Westwood. She designed not only the new Virgin Atlantic uniforms but also beloved pop culture icon Miss Piggy’s wedding dress for the Disney film ‘Muppets Most Wanted’. The highly anticipated wedding of Miss Piggy and her groom Kermit the Frog took place at the Tower of London where the bride walked down the aisle in a Vivienne Westwood long ivory court wedding gown, with corset detailing and paillettes made from recycled plastic bottles.

8. She’s a Rebel with a Cause

Vivienne often uses her catwalk shows, especially for her menswear and Red Label lines, as platforms to campaign about issues that she supports, such as climate change and Scottish independence. During London Fashion Week in September 2014, for her Red Label Spring/Summer 2015 collection, she sent her models down the runway wearing ‘Yes’ badges, proudly showing her wish for Scotland to break away from the UK. So it is no surprise that Vivienne was inducted into the Scottish Fashion Awards Hall of Fame for consistently used Scottish textiles and fabrics within her collections as well as for the significant impact she has made for campaigning for human rights and environmental issues.

Vivienne Westwood’s distinct point of view and passion are very much unique and worthy of praise, as she has shown throughout her career which so far spans over five decades. To this day, she remains as one of the most sought-after and influential designers, inspiring other brilliant and creative minds such as Karl Lagerfeld and John Galliano. She has dressed everyone from the Sex Pistols, to the Princess of Wales and many of today’s most iconic celebrities such as Scarlett Johansson, Gwen Stefani, Pharrell Williams and Marion Cotillard, just to name a few.

We cannot wait to keep witnessing what Dame Vivienne Westwood will do next.

“My clothes have a story. They have an identity. They have a character and a purpose. That’s why they become classics. Because they keep on telling a story. They are still telling it.”
– Vivienne Westwood.

Get to know more on how this fashion mastermind on Fashion Masterminds: Vivienne Westwood exclusively on Fashion One, FO, and Fashion First. Check your cable operators for your local TV channel listing and schedules.

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Picking the Best Hairstyles for Fashion Events

Have you ever had to attend a local fashion event only to realize that not only do you not have the right clothes, but you are not sure of the right hairstyle? For many women the decision on how to do your hair is often as important as the decision of what to wear; the difference being you may spend as many as 6 – 8 hours doing your hair versus only a few hours picking your clothes. When wondering what hairstyles to wear for a fashion related event, there are certain clues that one can look to for help on what works. Mainly the environment will help to determine what works and what doesn’t. A local hair and beauty product firm has a few suggestions on how to determine what hairstyle you should have during your next fashion event.

Picture Anyone?

One of the fastest ways to determine what type of hairstyle is acceptable at the fashion event is to look at previous event images / galleries (particularly if this is an annual or repeat event). Galas, Fashion Shows, Conferences, and Fundraisers are typically repeat events that are very picture heavy, particularly before and after the event for the audience or during the show for the host parties. Pay special attention to the hosts during these kinds of events as that is the ideal hairstyle and possibly the host was styled by the hosting organizations. Additionally, much of the audience will take pictures against the event backdrop. Celebrities will often wear the most appropriate hairstyles during these events as suggested by their publicists and stylists. Looking at these images should give you a great idea of what hairstyles to wear. At the Victoria Secret 2013 show, the majority of the models had a Kinky Straight hairstyle. What do you think would have been appropriate for an attendant?

Location / Location…

Equally important to the type of event is the location of the event, easily one of the biggest indicators of what is appropriate. Wearing your ‘fuzzy curls’ or your I just woke up hairstyle to McDonalds will not be quite so appropriate as if it was worn to the Council of Fashion Designers of America 2013 Young Designer Accolades at the Marriott Marquis in Times Square. More importantly, location helps when considering where and what surrounds the event. If your event is at a local bar surrounded by a pool hall and chicken shack, it serves that elegant hairstyles such as buns and bouffant may be a tad much. Similarly, wearing frizzy hair or dirty bobs to the aforementioned Council of Fashion Designers of America event would be paramount to fashion suicide. It’s pretty apparent how location affects not only your dress but also your hairstyle. Think of the different of attending an outdoor fashion show in Union Square Park versus the fashion shows at Lincoln Center.

Guestlist Maybe

Yet another easy way is to examine the guestlist, made much more possible through online ticketing and registration services such as EventBrite. As always, the target here is the host of more popular celebrity or industry figures attending the event. Once you have the name or even nickname of the host or celebrities, it’s equally easy to Google them and most likely recent information from other events they have attended, conferences / functions they have spoken out or general news and information on their behaviors should become apparent. If Eva Longoria or Katie Perry are attendees at the event, but sure to look at their hairstyles for similar events as a clue.

If one thing has become apparent ( supposing you have been following the links ), there is no “right” hairstyle for any event, but many wrong ones. Sticking with your generic Kinky Straight or Loose Curls may work for most events, but learning how to make it more upscale or jazz it up for the occasion helps as well. So whether you are attending a Gala or Ball or a fashion show at a local bar or even just going to a Showroom, knowing how to wear your hair for your next fashion event is important.

NewTress Virgin Hair provides premium virgin filipino and brazilian hair extensions and wigs. As a socially oriented beauty firm, we want you to Love Your New Tress and look good attending your next fashion event with your new Kinky Straight []. Take 5% off your next purchase at NewTress [] with discount code JWUII.

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How Does Automatic Transmission Change Gears

As drivers, we know how the transmission works: we push the clutch in, change the gear and then continue driving normally. Manual transmission also teaches us how to perform clutch control without stalling or rolling on an incline. So how does an automatic car change gears?

There are more parts in this system that makes it a more complicated system. An automatic car has something called a torque converter. For the car to move forward, whether manual or automatic, torque is needed for the initial momentum.

The torque converter is a fluid link where its job is to connect the engine to the transmission and the transmission to the driven wheels (Front Wheel Drive or Rear Wheel Drive).

The engine is connected to the transmission in a bell housing. This is where the torque converter is. The transmission also contains something called planetary gear sets which provide different gear ratios.

The engine’s flex plate is also connected to this torque converter. So the torque converter basically takes the place of a clutch in an automatic car. When the crankshaft rotates it also rotates the converter. This is how the torque converter will disconnect and connect the engine’s power to the load being driven.

The torque converter has main components that make automatic transmission successful. These include:

  • The impeller – connected to the engine which is responsible for driving the turbine using viscous forces on the transmission fluid.
  • The turbine – connected to the transmission input shaft that sends the torque force to the transmission.
  • The stator – which sits between the impeller and the turbine. It lessens churning losses.
    The lock up clutch.

During the compression of the fluid it returns from the turbine that works against the impeller and its rotating movement that also acts on the engine.

The stator redirects the fluid so that the majority of the velocity gets driven towards the impeller which then adds to the torque produced by the motor. It can only rotate in one direction if the impeller and turbine are moving at the same speed. Stators do not apply torque when on a highway, only when coming to a stop or accelerating.

A planetary gear set consists of a sun gear and planet gears which rotate around the central sun gear, like our solar system. A planet carrier gear connects the planet gears with a ring gear that meshes them. The planetary gear set prevents certain components from moving when using clutches and brakes. This alters the input and the output of the system that changes the overall gear ratio.

Depending on which component is fixed it will determine the final gear ratio. If a ring gear is stationery or fixed, the ratio will be shorter than if the sun gear is fixed or stationery.

Brakes Noises Solutions

There will come a time whilst you are driving that you will have problems with your brakes. You might not notice it immediately but once you start to hear the noises, know that there is something wrong.

First thing’s first. Slowly pull over to the side of the road as soon as you start to hear these noises. Make sure that you keep a good distance from the road in case you have a flat tyre instead and need to change it.

These are the different noises your brakes make that you should be fully aware of:

Grinding – grinding is usually the sound of two metal pieces rubbing together. So know that this means that you have a severely damaged brake pad. Without a brake pad, there is nothing that is stopping you safely. It is recommended that you do not continue to drive as it could prevent you from stopping at a traffic light.

Knocking from the rear – this constant annoying sound you hear when applying brakes indicates that there is a problem with the rear drums. There could be a possibility that the brake or rear drum has been resurfaced which is causing that knocking sound. Fixing this problem can be done by yourself but it would be wise to get a technician to fix it.

Squeaking – this is a sign that wear has been done to the brakes. If not fixed it could be dangerous to you. The squeaking sound is usually caused by a wear indicator. This lets the driver know that wear is being detected. Make sure that you get the brakes replaced immediately. You can still drive a good distance before being in danger but make sure that they get replaced soon.

If you are aware of the problem whilst you are driving and know that the problem is dangerous to you and other drivers make sure that you switch your hazard lights on and drive slowly and calmly. If your brakes don’t work at all, release the accelerator and slowly move into the side lane. With the car losing momentum you will eventually come to a stop. Engine braking will also assist the car to slow down. Engine braking is achieved by gearing down.

When you are close to coming to a stop, pull up the hand brake slowly so that your wheels don’t lock up thus making you swerve around dangerously.

The Mercedes Tuning – What Are The Reasons To Tune Your Vehicle?

We are very well aware of the shooting fuel prices in the market. Hence, it is crucial to tune your Mercedes, so that it delivers great mpg. There are many reasons of the Mercedes tuning like better acceleration, enhanced torque, great economy, more power, healthier engine etc.

We have seen rapid growth in the technology in the field of automobiles. The super chip tuning technology is developed especially for the premium cars like Mercedes. The tuning is efficient for both the petrol and diesel version of car. It will ensure that your car gives best performance without any hassle.

Importance of tuning

Once the vehicle is tuned, it will reduce the emission and improve the performance by 15%. It is quite obvious that tuning will help your vehicle in multiple ways. However, you must tune the vehicle timely to avoid any inconvenience. The experts recommend visiting to the mechanic once in three months. The professionals will make sure that none of the part needs repairing.

As the fuel prices have increased, so does the dependency on vehicles. It is crucial to keep your car in good shape. If you maintain the car properly, then the car will run efficiently for long years without any hassle. Else, it would require regular repairing that will ultimately lead to lower mpg and reduce the performance.

What to consider while tuning the exhaust system?

The exhaust system of the Mercedes includes a front pipe, exhaust manifold, catalyst converter, silencer, exhaust tip and tail pipe. While tuning the system, muffler is the easiest to deal. The professionals will replace the stock muffler with high performance muffler.

As a result, you will get a free flow exhaust system. You must keep in mind that the inlet and outlet pipe of the muffler is of the same size as front and tail pipe. Check out the diameter of tail and front pipe. They must have same dimensions for better performance. Other terms of the exhaust system is a little complicated to understand. You must have knowledge of the engine’s power band, exhaust back pressure and usable RPM.

If excessive pressure is produced by the system, then it will have a negative impact on the performance of the engine. This will restrict the flow of exhaust gases. As a result, the engine will be inefficient to expel exhaust gases. Ultimately, it would lead to much reduced engine power.

Dos and the don’ts

Make sure that you never attach pea-shooter instead of the exhaust system to the engine. You must also not install a 10 inch wastewater pipe. In case the exhaust pipe is big enough, then it will lead to much reduced flow velocity of the gases. You have to keep in mind to get the exhaust back pressure perfect.

While tuning the exhaust system, the professionals aim to increase the power of the engine by the right exhaust tuning.